VIDEO. Journée mondiale des réfugiés : les chiffres alarmants au Tchad

On 29 March 2016 in Kabelewa, temporary schools in the refugee camp of Kabelewa. The school counts eight classrooms for 549 pupils. Out of those 549 children, only 12 had already been to school before. In March 2016, forced displacement in the region of Diffa is becoming regular and is linked to the volatile security situation in the region. Diffa, the Niger's poorest region, has been affected by the consequences of the increased acts of violence in Nigeria, conducted by the armed group Boko Haram, increasingly expanding and targeting the civilian population in Niger - and Diffa region in particular. With water levels starting to fall, the Nigeria-based armed group is seizing the opportunity to cross over the Komadougou River, into Niger from Nigeria. As the river continues to dry up in April and May, we expect to see an increase in violence in the Diffa region. Both refugees and internally displaced people are affected by the insecurity, fleeing attacks and also fleeing to safer locations ahead of attacks. Generally noticed is a movement from locations near the border towards the inland area along the main road where spontaneous new sites are being created and host villages' population increasing. More than 135 displacement sites have been noted along the border with Nigeria.

Société – Ce 20 juin est célébré la journée mondiale des réfugiés. À cette occasion commémorative voici ce qu’il faut retenir en chiffres.

Ce 20 juin, les pays du monde et donc aussi le Tchad rendent hommage aux réfugiés, aux demandeurs d’asile, aux personnes déplacées et aux apatrides.

Cette commémoration donne lieu à des initiatives et manifestations impliquant des associations, des citoyens et des réfugiés. Ces activités sont entre autres culturelles et sportives.

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Cette journée mondiale vise à donner à chacun les moyens de comprendre la situation des réfugiés et l’impérieux besoin de les protéger et de les accueillir.

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